Technical Information
Rigs ready for dispatch A crawler rig with all support equipment on its way to a new project
Rigs ready for dispatch A crawler rig with all support equipment on its way to a new project.


This 4th generation drill has been improved to such an extent that it is now a market leader and is used on four continents.


  • BQ - 1300m
  • NQ - 1000m
  • HQ - 680m
  • PQ - 490m
  • Rod stack to full rig capability at all angles.

  • Capable of angles from vertical to 45 degrees.
  • A long stroke dump mast allows the mast to rest on the ground ensuring a stable platform to work from and minimize pull against the drill structure.
  • Rig has platforms for all crew members (3) minimizing slip, trip and fall risk.
  • All auxiliaries are deck mounted resulting in smaller footprint.
  • All ladders, rails and fall arrestors fitted.

  • Our entire fleet is equipped with the optional PQ head to drill from BQ to T6 - 146 eliminating costly rig swops.
  • The side racking head (hydraulically) saves time and requires no manual intervention.
  • The rotary head/quill rod is completely shrouded by a cage whilst drilling. For collar drilling and back reaming when fishing the cage can be opened. An automatic safety switch then limits rotation speed to +-100 rpm.

  • This unique but important feature eliminates wrenches when making or breaking a drill string.

  • Driller hydraulically operates this self energizing clamp eliminating assistant and risk associated with manual clamps.
  • Main hoist has a failsafe mechanism with hydraulic release.
  • Wire line hoist is hydraulically operated.

  • John Deere 6 cylinder turbo – 180 hp.
  • Automatic pre-start hooter installed.
  • Exhaust system cloth shrouded.

  • The Strickland crawler drill can safely negotiate a 30 degree gradient.
  • The forward cabin is operator dedicated with spring loaded “dead man” type controls preventing run away.
  • A reverse hooter is installed.
  • The rear end controls for accurate tramming onto the borehole position are also spring loaded “dead man” type controls.
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