Our Services

We specialise in and offer surface diamond drilling services up to 1 000 meters NQ. Our personnel have extensive drilling experience covering all minerals and we offer all core sizes from BQ to T6-T146.

Capacity and Capability   Drills Owned   Work and Approach

The company has ample depth in qualified and experienced personnel as well as adequate quality drilling and support equipment to meet our client’s tender requirements for project duration.
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•10 new track mounted UDR200 sdrills, as new, less than 2 years old.

• 8 new truck mounted UDR200 drills, as new, less than 2 years old.

• 10 Longyear 38 and 44 model drills, 12 years and older but still in good working condition.
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Our skilled teams, together with our new support vehicles and the latest state of the art drills, all UDR200LS’s, have enabled us to meet the most stringent SHE requirements with ease. Because of the quality of our equipment, our crews enjoy their work; ensuring the best and most cost effective service is provided to our clients at all times

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